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Tests and R&D – Supercritical CO2 extraction

Testing and R&D
Test your raw materials before you start!
Get purer, less damaged extracts
Remove unwanted molecules
Eliminate steps in the classic process
Supercritical CO2 extraction is the only method that guarantees complete, damage-free extraction of your molecules.
A laboratory dedicated to studying your project

SFE Process has a research and development laboratory to develop our new technologies and carry out your feasibility and economic studies.

Our laboratory is equipped with several pilots:

  • From lab scale to kilo lab scale, we support you in the development of your projects, from blank sheet to first batches.
  • A quality service for your scale-ups, from laboratory to pilot scale, directly transferable to your production site.

The R&D and demonstration laboratory of
SFE Process aims to

Our first objective is to develop tomorrow’s green chemistry technologies using supercritical fluids.

  • Solid/fluid extraction SFE
  • Liquid/fluid extraction SFF
  • SFE sterilization + recirculation / agitated basket
  • SFP nanoparticle formation
  • Solvent-free SFC chromatography
  • Continuous esterification/trans-esterification synthesis
  • Batch synthesis in supercritical medium

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You have your idea and your material, we have your solution. We’ll work with you on your project. We have both chemical and technological knowledge, and innovation is one of our core values.

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