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The SFE Process adventure

It all starts with an idea, a friendship...
That's how the story of SFE Process began. Jérémy and Brice, with their respective technical and mechanical skills, have developed a highly innovative company that has been growing steadily since its creation in 2015.
The beginning of the association
Setting up SFE Process' first head office in his own garage, Jérémy wins his first maintenance contract. A few months later, a small team joined the company, and it was in 2017 that Brice joined the company to contribute his skills to developing and improving a supercritical CO2 pump, a prerequisite for making the company a designer and manufacturer of equipment for supercritical processes, from laboratory systems to industrial-scale equipment.
The 1st laboratory
The adventure takes a turn in 2018. After selling pumps and servicing high-pressure equipment, SFE Process moved into new 400 m² premises, where they designed and built their first 3 machines. That same year, the laboratory was launched to carry out and offer tests for customers. SFE Process has 10 employees.
Continuous growth
In 2022, SFE Process continues to grow: a new move to larger premises in Tomblaine and 45 employees. To build on this success, 2023 will be a pivotal year, as SFE Process raises its first exceptional capital of 6 million euros to accelerate the development of projects over the next 5 years and accelerate the democratization of its technology in France and worldwide.
Our commitment to the planet

TheCO2 gas used is sourced and recovered from agro-resources to ensure a continuous process.

CO2, in its supercritical state, this unique form ofCO2 allows for increased solubility and a high diffusivity coefficient in raw materials, making extraction more efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional methods. It leaves no residue in the final product, and therefore no waste. This natural product is reintroduced into the equipment in a continuous loop, making it easy to recover and reuse for future handling. CO2 is naturally non-corrosive, inexpensive, odorless, colorless, non-flammable and non-toxic.

The very nature of SFE Process’ business makes it an environmentally conscious company. SFE Process has chosen to use a short supply chain for the components of its machines, which has a positive impact on the carbon footprint linked to transport, and also to promote the development of the local economy.

SFE Process is


Transforming an idea into a real industrial solution

A state of mind

A vision of entrepreneurship that enables the company to develop a climate of trust and sharing within its teams.

Reinventing yourself

Maintaining a proactive approach to innovation


Designing, producing and proposing an easy-to-use mass-produced product

A leader in sCO2

In just a few years, we’ve established ourselves as experts in a market where processes are becoming increasingly environmentally friendly, and where CO2 technologies have been becoming more widely available since 2010.


Machines based on simplicity of design

... and I'm really proud to have a great team that shares the company's values.
Jérémy LAGRUE - Founder of SFE Process
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