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Customer support and after-sales service

Always at your side

Because your project is our project, our teams are with you every step of the way. We provide services to help you every step of the way. We understand that a new project can bring new needs: maintenance, perfect after-sales services… Wherever you are, we offer expert support and assistance throughout your project and beyond.

Comprehensive support

Technical assistance

Dedicated e-mail – Remote control + VPN – Training – Technical – On-site assistance

On-site troubleshooting

Premium” maintenance contract with a technician on site within 2 to 5 days (depending on your country)


Records and maintenance activities (reports, tasks) kept internally, with free access for the customer

Upgrade program

Upgrading and modernization of existing machines. SFE Process carries out modifications and upgrades to your existing systems, so that you can implement this innovation in your company’s ecosystem with peace of mind.

Spare parts management

We can change your parts for you.

Spare parts storage and management to ensure rapid repairs

Purchase of spare parts (included in maintenance contract)

Preventive maintenance program

To ensure the safety and efficiency of our high-pressure equipment, SFE Process offers you
We also provide “preventive maintenance” to ensure the reliability of safety components and systems.

Contact support

Having trouble with one of our machines? The SFE Process technical team is at your disposal.

La maintenance préventive prévoit :

  • Vérification des dispositifs de mesure (capteurs de pression, de température, de débit, de position)
  • Vérification des dispositifs de sécurité (pressostat haute pression pour chaque pompe, thermostat pour le chauffage, soupape de sécurité, disque de rupture)
  • Certificats individuels pour chaque organe vérifié,
    Inspection périodique des appareils à pression avec émission d’un rapport conformément aux dispositions de l’arrêté du 15 mars 2000 relatif aux appareils à pression
  • Entretien de chaque pompe et remplacement des joints d’étanchéité de votre approvisionnement,
  • Vidange des pompes à l’huile de votre approvisionnement
  • Vérification du dépoussiérage du groupe de refroidissement et de l’échangeur
  • Test des vannes séparément si souhaité
    Inspections des joints d’étanchéité et remplacement si nécessaire du joint d’étanchéité de votre fourniture
  • Test d’étanchéité sous la pression de fonctionnement du CO2.
  • Vérification du logiciel de contrôle des données et qualification.

Preventive maintenance includes :

  • Checking measuring devices (pressure, temperature, flow, position sensors)
  • Check safety devices (high-pressure switch for each pump, thermostat for heating, safety valve, rupture disk)
  • Individual certificates for each audited body,
    Periodic inspection of pressure equipment with issue of a report in accordance with the provisions of the decree of March 15, 2000 on pressure equipment.
  • Maintenance of each pump and replacement of seals on your supply,
  • Changing your oil supply pumps
  • Check that cooling unit and heat exchanger are dust-free
  • Test valves separately if required
    Inspect seals and replace seals on your supply if necessary
  • Leak test under CO2 operating pressure.
  • Data control software verification and qualification.
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