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Revolutionize your material extraction with supercritical CO2

Perform a CO2 provides a solvent-free extract, since the CO2 evaporates entirely, and no trace of contaminant is present in the finished product, unlike extraction with a petrochemical solvent.

A wide range of fields
applications exist



Food industry



Supercritical CO2 is also used for various subcontracting activities in the pharmaceutical sector: purification, impregnation, extraction and cleaning of medical devices.

The production of plant active ingredients on an industrial scale is very popular. Numerous developments are taking place in the sector, notably in liquid and solid phase formulation. On an industrial or laboratory scale, supercritical technology is used. It provides concrete solutions to a variety of problems:

  • Creating active ingredients for the ecological and organic cosmetics sector
  • Eco-extract production
  • Texture creation and evolution
  • Search for the fragrance and scent closest to the natural plant.
  • Solvent changeover
  • Processes with heat-sensitive materials
  • Saves water and liquid solvents
  • High-performance purification

In the food industry, supercritical fluid extraction is a useful and fast-growing technology. To purify orange juice, for example, supercritical fluid fractionation (SFF) is used. With this supercritical technique, orange juice is not boiled and does not lose its beneficial properties. Nutraceutical applications are of interest to industry. Several authors and scientists have provided convincing results from studies on a variety of products: anti-cancer agents / hops, spices, alkaloids, vanilla, caffeine, antioxidants… Productivity is greatly increased thanks to these supercritical processes. Process automation ensures continuous operation.

To extract the best from CBD hemp flower, SFE Process offers a range of standard extraction equipment specially designed for CBD hemp flower extraction. With the standard SFE Prod extraction system, adaptable to different needs, the purest CBD hemp flower oil is collected. The CBD hemp flower , which has not undergone any aggressive treatment, can be reused to create a co-product. Choosing to manufacture CBD hemp flower oil means adding value to harvests and setting yourself apart from the competition.

Supercritical processes are used for debinding and watchmaking. Supercritical CO2 is the best solution for improving the debinding of PIM / MIM / CIM materials using the most environmentally-friendly process with the highest precision.

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SFE Lab 500mL

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Standard range from 100ml to 2L
SFE Prod 2x5L

Production scale


Standard range from 2x5L to 2x100L

Nomadic system


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