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The SIY – Nomadic extractor

Extract the best from plants all over the world with supercritical CO2
Extraction on fresh material
Authentic fragrance
Transportable and easy to use

They're already using the...

The true beauty of the plant is revealed to the perfumer in his quest for pure essence thanks to our invention:
SIY (Scent It Yourself)

Preserve all the plant's properties in your extract

We’ve developed an educational nomadic extractor that lets you capture the olfactory essence of the plant, without denaturing or degrading it. It guarantees an authentic fragrance and can be applied to fresh material.

Nomadic, because it can be taken anywhere in the world. Supercritical CO2 extraction knows no borders.

Educational, because the sapphire windows allow you to observe all the stages of the CO2 process, from the half-liquid, half-gaseous state to the supercritical state.

Whether you're in the testing or production phase
we have the solution

SFE Lab 500mL

Laboratory scale


Standard range from 100ml to 2L

SFE Prod 2x5L

Production scale


Standard range from 2x5L to 2x100L

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A rapidly transposable extraction process

As part of a Scent It Yourself extraction, you work in static extraction. This means that your yield is much lower than that of a conventional dynamic process. The interest here is in being able to perform numerous small extractions using a low mass of CO₂.

Subcritical extraction

With liquid CO₂, without temperature rise.

Supercritical extraction

By heating the cell with a heat gun and exceeding 73.8 bar and 31°C, supercritical extraction is achieved.


By adding a co-solvent, i.e. any type of organic co-solvent. For example, vegetable oil or high-concentration ethanol.

Perfumers and supercritical CO2: the winning duo!

More and more perfumers are making their mark with this technology, turning to CO₂ extracts with different organoleptic properties. The low extraction temperature ensures that the olfactory properties of the extracts are not denatured, and therefore provides a certain purity of extract, difficult to find elsewhere.

In perfumery, the use of supercritical CO₂ for extraction makes it possible to obtain fragrant extracts from fresh flowers. With this supercritical CO₂ extraction you obtain extracts under conditions of much lower energy expenditure and pollution than those obtained using hexane or distillation, for example. What’s more, CO2 is inert and, unlike other solvents, does not require a second separation after extraction.

  • Supercritical CO₂ extraction can be used to isolate classes of molecules with a high degree of selectivity, in a wide range of applications including perfumery, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
  • The various groups of isolated molecules retain all their integrity, and it’s possible to take full advantage of their specific qualities, such as active ingredients.
  • The extracts obtained are high quality, pure and residue-free.
Multiple uses

The SIY now goes beyond what it was created for, thanks to its ease of use and the democratization of supercritical CO2.

For every application in which SFE Process provides a solution, SIY can be one, on a small scale:

  • Agri-food: maceration, giving food an original olfactory note
  • University: putting CO2 at the heart of teaching

Research and Development (R&D)

Do you have a specific need?

SFE Process has a research and development laboratory to carry out your feasibility studies and develop tomorrow’s technologies.

Would you like to test your biomass before taking the plunge? Our laboratory is equipped with several pilots, so we can offer you a top-quality service and full support for scale-up, from laboratory scale to pilot scale, producing your first batches.

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