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(Re)discover SFE Process!


When SFE Process was created in the garage of its founder, Jérémy LAGRUE, it was a start-up. Over the years, SFE Process has carved out a place for itself among the biggest names in the industry, with a small team and limited resources. It stands out for its desire to innovate, to go beyond what’s on offer, and to push CO2 to the limit to show what’s hidden deep down inside.

SFE Process is 5 key dates:

  • 2015: Creation of SFE Process in the garage of its manager, Jérémy LAGRUE
  • 2017: Brice SARRAIL joins the adventure and strengthens the team
  • 2018 : The team moves to new 400m² premises and creates a laboratory to carry out and offer tests
  • 2022: 2ᵉ move to an even larger space to accommodate an ever-growing team of 45 employees.
  • 2023: A pivotal year for the company, both in terms of its historic first fund-raising and its deployment in the chromatography market with SFC Process.

The early start-up, as some of you may have known it, has evolved through structuring, industrialization and standardization of its product ranges to become a successful SME.

All these changes have also had an impact on the company’s image: from a logo created to give SFE Process an identity in the extraction market, to a new identity to illustrate the company’s growing evolution and perpetual innovation, enabling it to be a pioneer, to anticipate the discoveries that supercritical CO2 can bring, but also to be identifiable in the two growth markets, so as to have graphic consistency.

So today, a 6ᵉ key date is added to the history of SFE Process: that of a renewed identity, with preserved values.

Why don’t we tell you a little more about the new logo?

SFE Process’s signature color is unmistakably green. It’s the company’s emblematic color to retain the essence of the early days, but also because SFE Process allows you to extract the best from what nature has to offer.

The logo’s font has also been modernized, and the detail has been pushed right down to the design of our equipment, with the reminder of the bevel present on the S found on our ibon sheets. 👀

Not only has the logo changed, the website has also been given a makeover:

The site has been designed to offer you a new experience. Through him, SFE Process shares its history, achievements and future plans. It’s a place where you can discover the latest advances and news. It’s a way of inviting you into the world of SFE Process, to share our passion and commitment to innovation.

Our new logo and website embody our commitment to excellence, our desire to push the boundaries and our determination to stay at the forefront of the industry.

We’re delighted to share this new adventure with you.

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