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The cbd industry in the starting-blocks

With the decree of 30/12/2021 (published in the J0 n°304 of 31/12/21), the French authorities made CBD a legal substance and provided a new regulatory framework for the cultivation, import and use of hemp, paving the way for the industrial and commercial use of hemp varieties. The year 2022 therefore marks, purely and simply, the creation of a French CBD market!

A more flexible, broader framework

For the economic and industrial players concerned, the news is gratifying in more ways than one. As a result, the cultivation, import, export, industrial and commercial use of hemp varieties, which were previously limited to fibers and seeds, are now authorized for all parts of the hemp plant.

Hemp flowers and leaves can be harvested, imported or used for industrial production. As a practical consequence, cannabidiol and other non-narcotic cannabinoids (CBG, CBC, etc.) can be manufactured in France.

The number of hemp varieties authorized in France has been extended to include all those listed in the European catalog.

Finally, all varieties not exceeding the maximum THC content of 0.3% in the whole plant will be allowed to be cultivated and marketed.

Finally, the sale to consumers of hemp flowers and leaves in their raw form (such as “smoking flowers” or herbal teas), as well as their possession and consumption by consumers, remains prohibited.

Work in progress

Of course, this change in the law is not without its challenges, and is accompanied by major projects to be carried out:

  • revision of the standards applicable to the various types of finished products;
  • defining a national framework for the use of CBD in food supplements (to secure the leading market for CBD and guarantee the quality of products that are easily accessible on the French and European markets);
  • clarification from the authorities as to whether or not CBD can be used in cosmetics;
  • supervising the extraction of non-narcotic cannabinoids (to secure the entire chain and guarantee the elimination of THC).

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